Setting The Tone: No Rules

Hey people!

We just wanted to kick start our blog posts by setting the tone with our thoughts on kids fashion/styling going forward. There are no rules to dressing your little humans. It is very, very important to stress that. Not because we can chuck any old thing on those little cuties but because the basis of clothing your little humans should be grounded in fun, expression and an element of positive projection. Now, what do we mean by positive projections? Well, one of the many things i’ve learnt watching my 18 month old grow is that these little meatballs have very complex personalities to say the least! Some are scared of sitting on the potty but then love to present you with the biggest spider they found in the park. Placing them in a cool jumper with a Dinosaur on the front or leopard print leggings and asking them to roar or reminding them to be brave because of what their wearing is not only so stinking cute! But it helps them to associate their clothes with making them feel a certain way. You know, like if you’re in something sparkly you’re obviously a princess….that kind of thing.

I mean, I’m no therapist, but as an expressive person and an avid fashion lover, this feels true right?! As adults, we’ve grown into the fact that our clothing/appearance says something about us and we use it to our advantage in a million different ways.

There are many ways to explore what works for your little human. Bright colours, bold patterns, funky textures and quirky designs.  Or switching up the styles you put them in like being inspired by a vintage look like pinafores, coudroy dungarees, teamed with roll necks or knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes. You know, extra royal, those Prince George and Princess Charlotte kinda classic vibes. Or you may love chic, solid coordination. Being inspired by the monochrome look sticking with black, white and greys but mixing different textures and patterns within those same colours, for some toddler sophistication. Whatever it may be, make it cool, without boundaries and invest in clothing that can be worn all year round, layered and transformed by a cardigan or boots.

With that in mind, shop to your hearts content on our cute little site  (if I may so myself) because the brands that we have chosen and the exciting things we have coming your way are specifically geared towards, well, everything we just said.

Come in, you’re welcome here 😙